A fine mess.
L. 24. Sydney.
Criminologist + Law school.
figure skater
shoe + scarf + bow tie lover
Petite, Slow + frantic.
trivia: learning french
Yoga update

Guys, my yoga teacher said to me that i don’t need foundation classes :D

Birthday flowers for my 26th today.
Thank you jules and gail.
If caffeinated drinks could be personified- this is one sexy capp.
My beautiful colleague surprise me with flowers… just because and for no reason she such an amazing woman.
Tagliatelle with safron and lamb ragu
sophisticatedyoungadult asked:
Is season 3 the last one or are they still filming?


Season 3 is the last one, sadly there won’t be anymore :(

Funding dried up.
Only if they partnered up with major labels or corporations to get funding.
All the actors have to do is flogg their brand to make good of the money spent on the show.

Breast cancer.

Farr out. My amazing colleague has be been told her cancer is back.
:( chemo round two.

Holy shit. BA.
So like i flopped in the essay but i did really well in the exam to have boosted my marks.
Omg miracles happen

Steampunk theme wedding. 
Kheang and ivy get married


Dreamworld / China By: Tatiana Gorilovsky

this looks sooo beautiful!
Red wine, beef ragu papperdelle for lunch today. 
Adamo home made pasta to order. 
Probs the best pasta outside italy i have ever had. Sahhhhh good